Mors Ultima Linea Rerum Est
Mors Ultima Linea Rerum Est

Today has been wonderful. 

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If we looked at people’s hearts like we look at mountains, the world would be a better place.

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Hank Aaron.
So thankful on this day for wonderful friends, and the best roommate a girl could ask for.


when you hate your legs 
remember that they carried you through the hardest parts of your life. they get you out of bed every day and take you to what you love.

when you hate your stomach
remember that it helped you gain strength. it holds the memories of deep laughter and great meals. it is full of warmth and joy.

when you hate your arms
remember that they are strong, which makes you strong. but they are also soft and can be used to cuddle and hold the ones you love.

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It’s a back to school tradition. #punkprincess